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Barbed wire at the U.S. border.

What Is an I9 Audit?

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was passed by Congress in 1986. IRCA prohibits U.S. employers from hiring anyone who does not have legal authorization to work in the …

  • Posted on: Jun 10 2020
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Temporary worker visa.

How to Apply for a Temporary Worker Visa

Generally speaking, a citizen of a country other than the U.S. must obtain a visa before entering the U.S. Sometimes, an immigrant visa allowing for permanent residency is sought. Other …

  • Posted on: May 20 2020
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Green card and other immigration documents.

What Is the PERM Certification Process?

PERM certification refers to the permanent labor certification that permits an employer to hire a foreign worker to work in the U.S. permanently. It is issued by the U.S. Department …

  • Posted on: Apr 24 2020
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Close-up picture of a green card.

What Is the Prevailing Wage Determination?

Obtaining a PERM labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is the critical first step to obtaining an employment-based green card. The employer works to obtain the labor …

  • Posted on: Apr 17 2020
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Green card and social security card on top of American flag

How to Prepare for Your Green Card Interview

Most green card applicants, those applying for lawful permanent residence status in the U.S., are required to attend an interview prior to green card approval. If you are overseas for …

  • Posted on: Mar 24 2020
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Green card application

Common Green Card Application Errors

A U.S. Green Card is highly sought after. With a Green Card, an immigrant can enjoy many of the rights held by U.S. citizens. The Green Card application process, however, …

  • Posted on: Feb 14 2020
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