Fear of deportation (removal) can be a terrible, haunting concern. Many immigrants in this country who do not have the proper documentation to be here, or have overstayed their legal right to be in the United States, live in constant fear of being removed from the country they have come to consider their homeland. Removal from the U.S. can be a threat to family unity, employment, and even survival. If you are facing issues related to deportation of yourself or a loved one, Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC can be your port in the storm. Lead attorney, Laura Talamantes, is passionate about matters of deportation that she limits her practice exclusively to immigration law.

Talamantes Takes a Proactive Approach

Whatever your deportation issue, Talamantes Immigration Law Firm takes a proactive approach, addressing your concerns directly, honestly, and with the sense of urgency they deserve. Always on your side as a knowledgeable and compassionate advocate, the firm will make you aware of all viable options and give you the guidance you need to make the best possible decision on how to proceed. When you are working with Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, you can rest assure that, once having thoroughly reviewed your personal situation, the firm will be working tirelessly on your behalf. Fully aware of the possibly severe consequences of removal from the U.S., Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, as deportation removal attorneys in Chula Vista, takes their responsibility to you very seriously.

Removal Defense Issues Tackled by Talamantes

Talamantes Immigration Law Firm is fully prepared to handle a wide variety of immigration and deportation issues, including helping to protect undocumented immigrants:

  • Who have been in the country for 10 years or more and are facing deportation
  • Who fear returning to their countries of origin and are seeking asylum in the U.S.
  • Who require representation in hearings with immigration judges or in other immigration proceedings
  • Who are victims of domestic violence or other crimes and want to legalize their status within the U.S.

You should be aware that reaching out for help as quickly as possible can have a positive effect on your immigration matter. Like other government processes, removal is complex and often technical. The sooner a professional immigration attorney becomes involved, the better. Procrastination can only complicate and delay the procedure and interfere with achieving the best results.

Possible Defenses against Deportation

Other possible remedies against removal include:

      1. Adjustment of Status under the Immigration and Nationality Act
      2. Seeking asylum from persecution in your country of origin
      3. Withholding of Removal (similar to asylum but offers fewer benefits)
      4. Protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT)
      5. Cancellation of Removal for persons who are not lawful permanent residents  (available to individuals who have been in the U.S. for 10 years and can demonstrate that their removal would cause “exceptional and extremely unusual hardship” to a “qualifying relative” (spouse, parent, or child) who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
      6. Cancellation under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for individuals who can show that they have been “battered or subjected to extreme cruelty”
      7. Voluntary Departure, a method of leaving the U.S. without staining your immigration record, is potentially available and helpful in some cases
      8. Deferred Action may be an avenue to delay your deportation, particularly if you are an immigrant student or recent graduate
      9. Prosecutorial Discretion is, as it sounds, dispensed in a somewhat arbitrary fashion according to negotiations with the government attorney handling your case. While it may permit you to live and work in the U.S., it will not make eligible for travel or other benefits.

When you are at risk of deportation, it is essential that you have an experienced, highly skilled deportation removal attorney in your corner to assist you through the immigration process. At Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC, the attorneys have your back and will evaluate you particular situation with in-depth legal knowledge, honesty, and compassion. Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC can be reached in their Chula Vista office at 619-821-9071 or contacted by email. Talamantes Immigration Law Firm is happy to help clients that live in the Chula Vista area including those in National City, San Ysidro, Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach and Bonita.