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Common Defenses to Deportation

As Congressional lawmakers continue to unsuccessfully grapple with immigration reform, those whose immigration status is in question face the potential of deportation. Beyond permanent removal of an individual from the …

  • Posted on: Jun 26 2018
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U Visa Applications

U visas are granted to immigrants who have been the victims of a serious crime. Created in 2000, the visa was designed to encourage immigrant crime victims to come forward …

  • Posted on: Jun 6 2018
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Nightmare for Dreamers Is Underway in California

Are illegal immigrants in California being singled out and targeted? Within just the past few days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have detained several immigrants facing deportation charges in …

  • Posted on: Mar 5 2018
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Four Proposals to Replace DACA

What Are the Four Proposals to Replace DACA Now Before Congress?  At least 800,000 “dreamers” who came to this country under the age of 16 have, under the umbrella of …

  • Posted on: Feb 18 2018
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