Are You An Undocumented Immigrant? Let Talamantes Immigration Law Firm Help!

  • Jan 18 2019

The phrase “undocumented immigrant” is often said in a negative sense. However, at Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC, we firmly believe there is no shame in being an undocumented immigrant. It takes courage and resilience to leave the only life and country you have ever known in pursuit of a better life. We respect all immigrants, even if you are undocumented, and are here to help you with your immigration law needs.

Who Is an Undocumented Immigrant?

Generally, an undocumented immigrant is an immigrant in the United States who does not have authorization from the federal government to be in the country. There are two common ways an individual becomes an undocumented immigrant:

  • Illegally entering the United States, such as by crossing the border or other means
  • Overstaying a legitimately-obtained visa, such as a tourist, business visa, or border crossing visa.

What Risks Face Undocumented Immigrants?

Undocumented immigrants face many threats in today’s society, unfortunately. In addition to open hostility they experience on a regular basis from many Americans, they also face serious legal consequences. Often times they can be jailed, deported, or removed from the United States without regard to whether they have established a job or family here.

Services We Offer to Undocumented Immigrants

We offer a variety of legal services undocumented immigrants can benefit from. These services include:

  • Defense against deportation and removal
  • Assisting employees, employers, and investors with employment-based immigration matters, including visas, I-9 verifications, and other issues
  • Helping immigrants who have been the victims of domestic violence or other qualifying crimes take advantage of the U Visa or the Violence Against Women Act
  • Helping families immigrate and ensuring all members of families are able to apply for visas, whether members are located inside or outside of the United States

What Do Undocumented Immigrants Need to Know?

Federal courts have consistently held that the federal government has jurisdiction over immigration law. However, increasingly many states have passed legislation that limits the access undocumented immigrants have to certain items like public benefits. States have also passed laws that instruct law enforcement to check the legal residence status of anyone they arrest. Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether these state laws are constitutional as many of these issues are currently being litigated in court.

The most important thing undocumented immigrants need to know is that hiring an experienced immigration law attorney can be one of the best decisions they make for their future in the United States. Our immigration law attorneys are skilled at helping undocumented immigrants establish residency, obtain applicable visas, and work towards citizenship. By no means is the process for any of these paths easy, and any attorney who tells you otherwise is likely not an experienced immigration attorney. However, having an immigration lawyer by your side to help you navigate United States immigration law will make these processes much less stressful and increase your chances for success.

Need an Immigration Attorney?

At the Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC, we have represented many undocumented immigrant clients. If you are an undocumented immigrant wanting legal assistance in any capacity, you can trust that we are experienced and confidential. Contact Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC, today to learn how we can help you.


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