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Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Green Card Interview

  • Jul 22 2020

Almost all green card applicants must attend an interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). While often discounted by applicants, the interview is actually an important part of the application process. It should be approached with care and preparation to help set up the green card applicant for success.

How to Have a Successful Green Card Interview

Get things started on the right foot by arriving on time. In fact, you should plan to arrive about 30 minutes early for your scheduled interview time. This will allow for things such as parking and time going through security at the building entrance. Be aware of the restrictions on items you may bring into the building. You will not be permitted to enter the building should you be carrying things such as pepper spray, lighters, matches, or sharp objects. Carrying prohibited items to the building will mean they will either be thrown away or you will have to take them back to your car, which can set you back on time.

Review your application before your interview. Discussing your application materials will most certainly be involved in your interview with the USCIS officer. Become familiar with the technical details of your application to ensure this part of the interview goes smoothly. Additionally, should you need to change or update anything in your application, be sure to mention this to the interviewer. You will need to bring along documentation supporting your changes or updates.

Take care to listen to the questions being asked. Respond directly to the question asked. Having an applicant provide an answer that does not address a question can be irritating to an officer tasked with conducting many interviews each day. Provide concise and direct answers to the questions. If you do not know the answer to a question, do not try to guess at the answer. Simply tell the interviewer that you do not know or fail to recollect. Always be truthful in your answers. Lying during a green card interview can land you in a significant amount of trouble. If you are trying to cover something up with a lie, be prepared for more substantial consequences for the lie than for whatever you may have been trying to cover up.

Should you require an interpreter because you are not fluent in English, bring one to the interview. Your interpreter must be lawfully present in the U.S. Be aware that the interviewer may not allow a relative of yours to act as interpreter. The interpreter is restricted to only translating the questions asked as well as the answers given.

Bring along a set of original, or certified copies of original, documents requested or required as part of your green card application. You should also bring photocopies of these documents. The interviewer will review the originals and keep the copies for his or her files.

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