Why Would My Visa Application Be Denied?

  • Jan 16 2020

Millions of people apply for U.S. visas each year. Many of them are denied either due to a small mistake which ends up posing a significant delay in the process or there are big issues at play that resulted in the denial. A visa application can be denied for several reasons, which range from the applicant simply failing to submit the proper documentation to denial due to a criminal record.

Reasons for a Denied Visa Application

1. Failing to Submit the Required Information Accurately

One of the most common reasons for a visa application being denied is because the applicant failed to follow the proper process and neglected to submit all required information accurately. While this is a common reason for a visa application to be denied, it is also an easily avoidable one. Before submitting your visa application, review it to see if you are completing the forms in full and that the information you are providing is accurate. Additionally, submit all required documentation along with your completed application. Do not let something like a clerical error be the reason your visa application is denied or delayed.

2. Applying for the Wrong Type of Visa

Another reason your visa application may be denied is that you applied for the wrong type of visa. Different visa types come with different eligibility requirements. You may fit the qualifications for one type of visa, but not another. Be sure that you are clear on the visa requirements and whether or not the visa is the right type for you

3. Issues with the Interview

Visa application denials based on interview problems also occur. When you go to your interview, be respectful. Provide the person conducting the interview with concise, accurate answers. Only answer the question. Do not be tempted to provide more information than what is requested. 

Providing more information provides more chances for misunderstandings and suspicions. If you are unsure of what the interviewer has asked, do not guess at what he or she was asking. Politely request that the interviewer repeat the question and possibly slow down. Effectively communicating is a key element to a successful interview.

4. Having a History of Fraud or a Criminal Record

There are also some very serious reasons your visa may be denied, such as fraud or having a criminal record. USCIS verifies applicant information by utilizing a wide range of databases and other research tools. If they find an applicant is lying or trying to cover up facts on his or her visa application, the application will be denied. If you have committed fraud in the past, this might also result in your application being denied. A criminal record that includes major crimes committed in your country of origin is also likely to result in your visa application denial. While minor criminal convictions are not likely to disqualify you, if you have a serious criminal record or something like a history of association with a terrorist group, your application is likely to be denied.

Hire an Experienced Immigration Attorney to Help Navigate the Process

Many of these reasons are avoidable. Talamantes Immigration Law Firm is here to help you successfully navigate the visa application process to help see to it that your application is approved. Contact Talamantes Immigration Law Firm today.

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