Talamantes Immigration Law Firm discusses a new rule regarding immigrants seeking asylum.

New Rule Regarding Seeking Asylum

  • Aug 16 2019

Those who enter the United States and are afraid of returning to their home country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution are eligible to seek asylum. Those granted asylum may legally work and live in the U.S. They are able to apply for their spouse and minor children to come join them in the U.S. They may apply for permanent residence and, eventually, may apply for U.S. citizenship. Recently, the White House has announced major restrictions regarding asylum.

White House Announces New Rule Regarding Seeking Asylum

On the 15th of July, the White House announced that asylum claims would no longer be considered unless the applicant could prove that they sought asylum in one of the countries they entered on their way to America and that this asylum claim was rejected. This change really targets those individuals who pass through countries like Guatemala or Mexico on their way to crossing the U.S. southern border.

Legal challenges to this new rule are expected. The U.S. is party to the 1951 Refugee Convention. Additionally, the U.S. has its own Refugee Act of 1980, this new rule may very well be seen in direct conflict with both. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has already stated that the new restrictions are violations of international legal standards. A preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of the rule has already been issued by U.S District Judge Jon Tigar. The White House, of course, plans to fight this decision. While the role of the legal challenge is in place, many asylum seekers will be turned away pursuant to this new restriction.

President Trump stated the new rule is intended to help alleviate what he refers to as “the crippling crisis on our border.” While many asylum seekers will be turned away due to the new rule, the burden of processing asylum claims will largely shift to such Central American countries as Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico. Many come to the flee violence and poverty in their countries and come to the U.S. borders hoping for asylum protection.

Immigration Attorney Dedicated to Helping Clients

It is a difficult and uncertain time for U.S. immigrants and those looking to come here and make a fresh start. The newest asylum restrictions come as one in a string of new immigration restrictions looking to curb the flow of immigrants to the U.S. If you are an immigrant and looking for help or information regarding your options, Talamantes Immigration Law Firm is here for you. You may already feel isolated, but know that you do not have to go through everything alone. Having someone in your corner to listen to your story and advocate for you can be an invaluable asset. Contact Talamantes Immigration Law Firm today.

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