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Common Green Card Application Errors

  • Feb 14 2020

A U.S. Green Card is highly sought after. With a Green Card, an immigrant can enjoy many of the rights held by U.S. citizens. The Green Card application process, however, is complicated. Many get lost in what category they may qualify for and others trip up over the complex and very specific requirements involved in applying for a Green Card. Familiarize yourself with common Green Card Application errors and be prepared to take the steps needed to avoid them. Application mistakes lead to things like delays in processing your Green Card applications, rejection of your application, or flat out denial of your Green Card.

Common Errors in Green Card Applications

One of the most common Green Card application errors is failing to supply all of the requisite forms. There are multiple government forms involved in the application process and there is also a substantial number of supporting documentation that is required. Failure to supply all of the necessary documentation will easily result in a delay in processing your application.

In addition to missing forms in your application, missing the appropriate document translations with your application is also a common error. If you are not from an English-speaking country and your supporting documents are in a foreign language, you will need to have them translated. This includes documents such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Passports
  • Visas

On top of supplying all of the requisite forms, you must also ensure that you sign all of the forms in the correct place. Also, pay attention to who is actually required to sign a particular form. Sometimes the person looking to receive a Green Card must sign. Other times, the person sponsoring a person for a Green Card must sign the form.

Also, be sure to avoid the common mistake of making an incorrect payment to the government. There are multiple fees associated with applying for a Green Card. Green Card applications can total hundreds of pages and the government is charging people accordingly for processing such as substantial packet. Be sure to note how much must be paid in order to have each form and section of your application processed.

As with most things you must submit to the government, there are important deadlines to note. Unfortunately, many people do not properly observe these deadlines which can result in an application denial. The clock starts on application deadlines as soon as you enter the U.S. and start the Green Card application process. Be mindful of when your visa is set to expire. Additionally, note the application processing dates. There will also be deadlines for things such as a Green Card interview.

A potentially huge mistake that people often make on a Green Card application is giving false information. While it may be an honest mistake or accident to get something on your application wrong, such as your background history, it may look like you are intentionally lying to the U.S. government. This is not taken lightly and if the government believes the false information was not an accident, but intentional, it will most certainly result in an application denial. You may also be ordered to leave the U.S. forever.

Last, but not least, a common mistake in the Green Card application process is simply not being eligible to apply. If you do not qualify for a Green Card and you still submit an application, your application will be rejected. The categories for Green Card qualification are complicated in and of themselves. Take care to review which category fits you and make sure to triple check that you meet all of the requirements for that eligibility category.

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