Everyone in the office is courteous and prompt.

  • Jul 8 2017

I’ve been with Laura for a couple of years now. I had come to her office after having been turned away from another law firm about my case. I was crying and lost. Whereas, the first lawyer I came to told me that my tears were useless, Laura had been empathetic and tried to find ways she can help my immigration case. She truly does want the best for you and for that I was thankful. I’m sure to recommend her to my friends and families who may be going through the same thing I did. My process took awhile because of other complications, which were of no fault to her law firm, but I finally got the chance to pursue my dreams of graduating college and being able to join the workforce with Laura’s help. Truly, thank you.

Everyone in the office is courteous and prompt. As long as you give all the necessary documents and information to them, they will get your filing done. Laura is also very good at replying to emails about small questions you may have, but mostly your point of contact will be the front desk or legal aids.

– Sakura K.
San Diego, CA