Do you qualify for asylum status?

  • Jan 23 2017

If you have immigrated to the United States, you already know all of the challenges and complications that you have to deal with. Moving is not easy, and moving to a new country is an effort only for the bravest of people. Perhaps you have come to the United States in pursuit of asylum status. If so, there are several criteria that may constitu te qualification. Learn more about eligibility for asylum status.


Immigrants applying for racial asylum typically do so when fleeing a country where racially-based prosecution has already or is likely to take place. More specifically, racial prosecution as it relates to asylum is typically defined as the threat or actualization of psychological, economic or physical harm perpetrated by the government in your country of origin.


Immigrants who faced religious persecution in their home country may apply for asylum in the United States. This generally refers to members of a religious minority whose beliefs are either unrecognized or persecuted by the government. This may include recognized religions such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Judaism, as well as lesser-known sects.


Your nationality or ethnic identity may be grounds for an asylum petition. This category differs from race most notably in that it is likelier to refer to candidates with a shared language rather than skin color, though there may be overlap between the two groups. If you seek asylum on the basis of your nationality, you may do so in response to organized persecution from the government or the government’s failure to stop actions from other groups.

Social group

Membership of a certain social group can, in many countries, have damaging consequences up to and including violent persecution. If your home country has such conditions, you may qualify to seek asylum on this basis. The definition of this criteria varies, but it can generally be understood to include a wide range of characteristics that may trigger abuse.


Political asylum is a category defined by the maintenance of political ideas or status that is in direct opposition to that of the government. In such cases, an applicant may be facing threats or actions of violence because of his or her position and may be eligible to apply for asylum.

If any of these criteria apply to your situation, and you are interested in applying for asylum, an attorney may be able to help you. With legal representation, you can better understand what legal options are available to you.

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