California Protests Against President’s Sanctuary Cities Plan for Immigrants

  • May 30 2019

There has been a great deal of media attention surrounding President Trump’s plan for immigrants in the U.S. He recently made threats to send immigrants to “sanctuary cities.” California Governor Gavin Newsom has made it clear that this plan is, to put it simply, nonsensical. In support of this opinion, Governor Newsom questions the President’s motivations for the plan. President Trump ran on a platform focused on deporting immigrants. His sanctuary city plan, however, allows some immigrants to remain in the U.S.

What is the President’s Sanctuary Cities Plan for Immigrants?

How President Trump’s sanctuary city plan would actually play out is uncertain. Essentially, the President is saying that he wants to bus migrants from border detention centers and release them into sanctuary cities. His aides have counseled him that doing this plan would not only be unworkable, but, must likely, would be illegal. The President has not cited where he would get the authority to actually put this plan into action. With the President digging in his heals about the sanctuary city plan and the opposition he has found, even among his advisors to such a plan, he has removed many of his Homeland Security top officials.

The phrase “sanctuary cities” does not really have a clear meaning. When the President makes the references, he is referring to cities that are basically democratic strongholds, or places were he may have a concentration of political enemies. Sanctuary cities tend to offer stronger political support and protection for those individuals who have entered the U.S. illegally. The irony of the President’s plan, however, is that many of the migrants and asylum seekers he wishes to bus to sanctuary cities would probably be thrilled to be heading to these locations. Sanctuary cities tend to be well equipped to properly handle and support an immigrant population. Organizations focused on providing legal assistance and other services to immigrants gravitate towards these places. This means not only that immigrants brought to these cities would have access to critical services, but would also likely find a concentration of their compatriots.

The sanctuary city plan, however, would mean sending immigrants out into cities before they could connect with their U.S. sponsors. There appears to be no legal authority for the President to take this action. As the California Governor and many other state and local officials have said, the plan is unworkable, illegal, and counterintuitive to the President’s campaign platform. It is far from the first time California has had a run in with the President over immigration policies. Former California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill54 into law. This bill limited cooperation between local law enforcement agencies and federal immigration agents. In retaliation, the Trump Administration sued California to nullify the law along with two other laws that were in place to protect immigrants who had illegally entered the country.

Protecting Immigrants in California

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