Asylum becoming an important immigration concern

  • Jan 23 2017

When it comes to immigration and asylum, there are a lot of significant issues to deal with. Among these are not being taken seriously, not being heard, and not knowing the law so they can insist upon their rights.

Fortunately, there are options for people who are seeking asylum, and for their families, as well. To better understand all the factors that go into the asylum process, and why so many immigrant families don’t seem to be getting heard the way they need to be, it’s important to understand the legal process and the areas in which that process falls short.

Discussing Asylum Requests

Many people seek asylum, but many of those seekers are turned away. Often, that can be because they don’t understand the process or they aren’t clear as to what’s being asked of them. If they don’t know how to properly discuss their asylum request and they aren’t sure about the documentation they need, they can be unprepared. That can get their request denied, even if it really should have been granted. When asylum seekers don’t have the resources they need or the skills to plead their case effectively, justice isn’t being done.

The Impact of a Denied Request

Denying asylum requests that should have been approved breaks up families, and it can also mean that someone who’s safety may be in danger is placed back into a situation they should have been allowed to stay away from. It’s not always easy to make a determination of who should be granted asylum, but having an advocate can make a difference when it comes to helping the judge realize the true impact of that decision. With a clear view of the impact the decision will have, anyone seeking asylum may have a better chance of receiving it.

What To Do When a Request for Asylum is Denied

Working with an experienced immigration attorney who understands asylum cases is among the best way to have your voice heard. Whether your asylum case has already been heard and denied, or you’re going to have a case hearing and need an advocate, we can help you work through the legal process of seeking asylum. That’s true whether you are looking for asylum on your own or you have family who also need to be protected. It’s very important to have an attorney on your side, who can help you understand the law and work toward the best possible outcome in your situation.

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