Individuals and businesses who wish to work or operate in the United States must comply with very specific requirements before they are allowed in the country. There are many different options available that must be closely examined to determine the best course of action to your specific situation.

The Talamantes Immigration Law Firm, APC, focuses their entire practice on immigration law. The founding attorney, Laura Talamantes, has assisted many individuals and businesses across the United States with their employment-based immigration needs. Laura has assisted many employers secure their employees legal status. When it comes to employment-based immigration, there are many different types of visas available. A well rounded conversation is needed between Laura Talamantes and you to strategize your case. She will assess your case and advise which visa you qualify for depending on your specific case.

Prompt Resolution of Your Employment Based Immigration Law Concerns

Laura Talamantes knows how important it is to get these issues resolved as efficiently as possible. You can depend upon The Talamantes Immigration Law firm, APC, to find the solution you need to achieve your specific goal. This firm has helped many different employees, employers and investors get the proper paperwork to allow them to be in the country. Laura Talamantes and her team handles a number of different employment-based immigration matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Determining the right visa for employers or employees
  • Representing companies in other countries who want to open a branch in the U.S.
  • Helping employers comply with I-9 verifications requirements
  • Working with investors from other countries who want to come to the U.S.
  • Assisting individuals with requests for permanent residency through an employment based petition

Employment visas have many different categories that limit the amount of immigrants who may take advantage of these options. You need to take action as soon as possible to maximize your chances of having your applications approved.

Every person or company will have different needs. This firm will carefully review your situation to provide you with the best assistance possible. Laura Talamantes and her group will be here for you whenever you or your business has questions about immigration issues. You can depend upon The Talamantes Immigration Law Firm to provide you with advice that will help you obtain the results you need to carry on your business.

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Should you need assistance with an employment immigration issue, please call the Chula Vista office at 619-821-9071 or send an email to schedule a consultation with the lawyer. This firm has successfully helped many individuals and businesses find answers to their complex immigration law questions.